What is Innvo2Learn:

An innovative SME who develop the simplest and the most realistic medical simulator.

What innov2learn do and what the devices do?

Our devices were originally built to replace the Post-it put on turned off devices. Our devices show vitals/measurements/values during training scenarios.

What makes our devices different than the competition?

1) All our devices are Bluetooth remotely controlled by a single app that is free and available on tablets, computers and cellular.
2) They are inspired by real models that we can find on the field;
3) Our SYHM works on dummies and simulated patients;
4) The connection between the devices and the app is almost instantaneous and stable;
5) We keep focussing on what we do best: medical simulators;

Why the simulation is so important?

When there are lives at stake, there is no room for mistakes. 

What are the advantages if I buy Innov2Learn devices?

In general:

  • Our devices don’t require training;
  • The SYHM devices look and feel like real ones;
  • Each teacher/ simulation specialist/ technician can control up to eight(8) devices at once;
  • You can run indoor and outdoor simulations without having to worry about connectivity (thanks to Bluetooth!);
  • Devices are made in America;
  • Compatible with the existing material (high and low-fidelity manikin, actors, simulated patients, etc.);
  • Our intuitive app keeps the history of the past simulations;
  • Rechargeable devices (powered by lithium batteries);


More precisely:

1) Simulated glucose meter/glucose meter simulator (Gluco III and gluco-mini):

  • Remoted by our SYHM app and detects lancet/strips;
  •  Works with a valid and/or expired lancet;
  •  Artificial and/or real blood compatible;
  •  Able to simulate hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia;
2) Simulated thermometer/ thermometer simulator (Thermo):
  • Remoted by our SYHM app and can simulate detection of the probe;
  • Buccal and rectal lecture available;
  • Works with the original probe covers;
  • Able to simulate hyperthermia or hypothermia;
3) Simulated Pulse Oximeter/ Pulse Oximeter Simulator (Oxi)
  • Detects manikin and/or actor's fingers;
  • Show SPO2 and heartbeat values;
  • Able to simulate breathing diseases;
4) Connected CPR device/ CPR training device (Smart CPR Baby, Smart CPR Adult, Smart CPR teenager)
  • Meet AHA recommendations for CPR technic feedback;
  • Compatible with PRESTAN Manikin;
  • Record time, number of compressions, speed, compression rate and keep the history;
  • Shows in real time how the CPR technic is going;