Why do people need to download the apps?
Since the devices are remotely controlled, you need the apps to use them.

What does the app do?

  • Allows to access control interface for each device;
  • Once you connect a device, it changes the languages automatically for the one you’re using;
  • Can rename any device to identify them;
  • SYHM App shows in real time the detections (finger, lancet, etc.);
  • Keep the history of the last sent values;
  • Control up to eight devices at once (mixed or same kinds of devices);
  • Access to the manuals;

What makes our app unique?

  • Free apps;
  • Available on MAC, Windows, Apple store and Google Play store;
  • Low power consumption application;
  • Light app;
  • Do not require Wifi once installed;
  • Bug-free;
  • Simple interface;
  • Fast connectivity;
  • Mostly icons, not much text;
  • Easy to figure which kind of device you control with our system of colour;
  • Takes into consideration the different units (°C, °F, mmol/L, mg/dL, etc.)


Download the teaser


The Innov2learn applications are available for Android, IOS and windows for free. 






Devices manuals

Gluco III manual

Thermo manual

Oxi II manual

Gluco-mini manual