About us

Why: At Innov2Learn we believe there’s a way to combine technologies and education to develop the full potential in each and every one. We believe education is the best way to fight against racism, sexism, poverty and pollution. We believe the status quo is not a solution.

How: That’s why we started in the healthcare field. We want to contribute to saving lives. From day one, we met nurses, paramedics, inhale therapist, doctors, rescues, firefighters and even police officers. These specialists taught us how important it is to develop clinical judgment. Part of this development takes place in the simulation. They told us: “since we fake it, let’s make it as realistic as possible, this way, we equip the next generation to be at their best to face the challenges of the real life”.

What: Our team is not healthcare specialists, but we know very well how to design and apply technologies to meet the needs of our customers. Since 2016. We have developed a range of realistic devices, which works like the originals but are Bluetooth remotely controlled by computers, tablets and even your phone. Or SYHM devices, like we called them, work on dummies as well as standardized patients. But that’s all, we are able to develop custom solutions to re-use and tune up the material organizations have already. At Innov2Learn we are committed to giving life to simulations.