About us


we believe there is a way to combine technology and education to develop everyone's full potential. We believe that education is the best way to fight racism, sexism, poverty and pollution. We believe that the status quo isn't a solution.

That is why we have decided to start our activities in the health sector. We want to help save lives. From day one, we met with nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, doctors, lifeguards, firefighters and even police officers. These specialists have taught us how important it is to develop clinical judgment. Part of this development takes place in the simulation. They told us: "Since we reproduce real situations, let's make it as realistic as possible. This way, we will ensure that the next generations are at their best to face the challenges of their professional careers".

Our team is not composed of health specialists, but we are experts in design and applying technologies to meet the needs of our customers. Since 2015, we have developed a range of realistic devices that work like the originals, but are remotely controlled by Bluetooth using computers, tablets and cell phones. These SYHMs, as we called them, work on both manikin and standardized patients. In addition, our expertise allows us to offer customized solutions to reuse and develop equipment. At Innov2Learn, we are committed to bringing simulations to life.


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